Blockchain and Metaverse: technologies of the future

Blockchain and Metaverse: technologies of the future

Facebook becomes Meta, the explosion of Cryptocurrencies and NFTs. We are at the dawn of new technological air. All this, in connection with the Blockchain and recently, brought to the forefront, the Metaverse.

Metaverse, both a vague and complete subject. First of all, let's go back to some basic notions such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and NFTs.

The Blockchain in a few lines

To put it simply, the Blockchain is a way of making transactions in decentralized ways, that is, not having to go through stakeholders such as banks. The idea of paying in cash to leave no trace no longer exists.

All transactions of each cryptocurrency and other will be encrypted and encoded, to be then stored in transaction history. This means that one can trace any exchange.

This new process will require new computational forces to allow its operation, fortunately, this is not a problem.

Cryptocurrencies in a few lines

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital currencies using blockchain technology. In this way, they will have a follow-up, we will then speak of traceability for transactions. This will also allow reliability of the latter by the follow-up. They can be bought, exchanged, sold... just like divides such as the Euro... The best known is Bitcoin but we will find a bunch of new crypto projects like Pi Network.

NFTs in a few lines

The Non-Fungible Token or better known by their acronyms NFT. Still, in connection with Blockchain technology, these are decentralized computer "protocols" allowing financial transactions through the Internet to be encrypted and secure. They will also allow the authenticity of the possession of a property. We take the example of Spacefox (clothing and accessories brand of the videographer Amixem), on November 21, 2021, they released their new bracelet "Collision" with the principle, to have a stone from a meteorite. To certify to buyers their possessions of a real bracelet, customers of this product will receive an NFT certifying the conformity and authenticity of the bracelet.

Now that this is said, we can address the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a few lines

Concretely, a metaverse is similar to an immersive 3D digital universe that aims to connect all stakeholders with diverse and varied approaches, all while meeting many user needs.

There will be a Social aspect, with spaces for exchange, places of interaction between friends, family, colleagues, and strangers. We find the equivalent of our traditional social networks in the Metaverse version or even more evolved variants of the famous VRChat game.

An aspect more in line with the world of work, with meeting rooms, dematerialized coworking spaces, and others. This will make it possible to promote new ways of working, to approach a new technological industry...

A Leisure and Entertainment aspect that will allow you to see the appearance of more and more evolved games, unique universes, the most incredible creations... A multitude of possibilities is available to us with this technology. As well as other options that we have not yet imagined.

One of the elements that will link all these innovations will be the economic aspect. We will find the value creation that will be common to our 2 worlds. NFTs are already gateways between the 2 worlds, cryptocurrencies too. All this will create a significant virtual and real economy that will generate the race to the Metaverse. We will find for example Facebook which has changed its name and become Meta. The company has only affirmed its desire to position itself as a pioneer of this parallel universe.

There will also be Nvidia Omniverse, Roblox Corporation, and other companies. A multitude of companies will create and shape a common and digital future.

Now that the basics are present, we will find you in a future article where we will go further in the details of the Metaverse with projects, collective... Stay tuned!

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By Kusal Dissanayaka