About Us

About Us

Android වැඩකාරයෝ is a Sri Lankan technology news website operated by Android Wedakarayo (Private) Limited, publishing news, feature stories, and product reviews. The main purpose of the website is to bring the latest tech news in the Sinhala language and respect user contributions by letting anyone contribute and update the latest news, In the same manner, anyone with access to the website can read news and get the latest updates via the official website.

Android වැඩකාරයෝ soon recognized as one of the most trusted tech communities in Sri Lanka and won Tech Blogger of The year 2018 in Sri Lanka at Google I/O Extended Sri Lanka 2018 Awards.



On June 29, 2013, Thimira Madhusanka Thenuwara and a group of people thinking of an idea that would make a technological milestone in news publishing in Sri Lanka. It was not so long until he came up with the idea of Android වැඩකාරයෝ, a fundamental idea which was to make a community-powered, self-sustaining news publishing platform in the native language of Sri Lanka. This group of people together then founded Android වැඩකාරයෝ Facebook group as the news publishing platform of Android වැඩකාරයෝ.


On October 10, 2017, Android වැඩකාරයෝ board of directors approved to launch the https://androidwedakarayo.com on October 14, 2017, initially as just a blog. that publishes the latest technological news, knowledge-sharing space, tech equipment reviews, and tutorials in Sinhala


On June 18, 2018, Android වැඩකාරයෝ organized a meetup "Yourtube" version number 1.1. "YourTube" version 1.5 for 2019 was canceled due to 2019 Sri Lanka Easter bombings

In 2018, Android වැඩකාරයෝ started Peoples' choice award ceremony to award "Most popular smartphone brand of the year in Sri Lanka".



Content posted on Android වැඩකාරයෝ is carefully curated and sourced from the Internet, including other tech industry news websites and even local news are also being posted. Authors have promptly advised never copy-paste news from any other site into Android වැඩකාරයෝ, instead they are encouraged to read the news and then translate his or her thoughts into a new article on Android වැඩකාරයෝ in the native language of Sinhala. This process actively eliminates copy-pasting, copyright infringements, and author discrediting while also adding real human thoughts into the new article.

The resulting article is a completely new article and Android වැඩකාරයෝ does not require to backlink the article to the source because of the aforementioned process, but Android වැඩකාරයෝ still adds a backlink to the source so the reader can refer to the original article more information and credit the original author.


All posted content on Android වැඩකාරයෝ is dual-licensed under Creative Commons Attribution / Share-Alike 4.0 and GFDL licenses. Unlike other news publishing sites, Android වැඩකාරයෝ does not restrict readers from copying or extracting out the content. Copied content then can be pasted or inserted anything they wish, along with a backlink to Android වැඩකාරයෝ.

Available languages

Android වැඩකාරයෝ is currently available in Sinhala and English.


Android වැඩකාරයෝ wins the Award for the Best Tech Blogger of the year 2018 in Google I/O Extended Sri Lanka 2018

In May 2018, Android වැඩකාරයෝ has been awarded the Best Tech Blogger of the year 2018 in Sri Lanka at the Google I/O Extended Sri Lanka 2018 Awards which held by Dialog Axiata, IdeaMart, and GDG Sri Lanka.