Investing in Bitcoin: why?

Investing in Bitcoin: why?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has caused a lot of ink to flow. But what exactly is it? Why invest in Bitcoin? Could the investment pay off? We explain everything!

What is Bitcoin?

To put it simply, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that allows its holder to order products and /or services on online stores or in real life. Unlike the currency we use on a daily basis, Bitcoin does not have a central bank or central body or financial institution that takes care of its regulation. It is simply based on a large over-the-counter network on the web.

Why invest in Bitcoin?

In recent years, Bitcoin has continued to attract investors interested in the stock market. What for?

An asset on the 24/24 side

To invest in Bitcoin, marketplaces are open at any time. However, to buy shares on the stock exchange put up for sale by companies, the main world stock exchanges close on weekends.

Bitcoin is, therefore, an asset on the 24-hour side. Thus, its price varies constantly. It is close to the Forex market.

A cryptocurrency that is exchanged for different currencies

On marketplaces, the price of Bitcoin varies depending on supply and demand. In addition, this intangible currency can be exchanged for all currencies, such as the euro, dollar, yen, yuan, etc. The investor can also exchange it for other virtual currencies.

A bullish asset

While it was only worth a few cents in 2009 (the date of its launch), the value of Bitcoin exceeds 10,000 euros today.

If we take a look at the price of a said cryptocurrency, we will no doubt notice the upward trend of this asset since its inception. That is why it attracts many investors, novices, or professionals.

Should we invest in Bitcoin in the coming years?

According to professionals, Blockchain and virtual currencies represent a major evolution in the world of finance and digital. Undoubtedly, the value of Bitcoin can only increase.

Careful! Investing in Bitcoin cannot be improvised. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is essential to inquire with professionals who will give you the best advice to take the first step in the world of crypto-currencies.

Recall that the market of virtual currencies represented 210 billion dollars in 2010, knowing that 145 billion went to Bitcoin.

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Apple පරදා Samsung ය​ලි ගෝලීය දුරකතන වෙළඳප​ලේ අංක එකට

දෙසැම්බර් මාසයෙන් අවසන් වූ කාර්තුවේදී ලොව අංක එකේ දුරකතන අලෙවිය සහිත වාර්තාව හිමි කරගෙන සිටි ඇපල් සමාගම 2024 පළමු කාර්තුවේදී අලෙවි වාර්

By Thimira Thenuwara