Will humanity survive? Science gives us the answer

It seems like a big, extremist question, especially when it's a presentation of what it will be, your science outreach benchmark.

Will humanity survive? Science gives us the answer

I know 🤔, it seems like a big and extremist question, especially when it is a presentation of what it will be, your reference point of scientific dissemination, or so we 😎 intend, but if you want to know the reason for that question, just wait, and keep listening to your voice, in your head, while I talk to you. 😉

Hello, I'm Thimira 🙋 ♂️

When I was young my brothers, "with affection", told me that I was a geek 🤓, perhaps, they had some reason, when it came to reading, playing, I daydreamed, imagined new worlds, new frontiers and with my imagination, I arrived where no one could take me, to the moon, to Mars, to the Sun, to a tiny multiverse ... I tell you this, so I can explain what science 🔭 is for me

The equation that unites us all

Bulb with legs and arms showing mathematical equation
(Imagination + Curiosity) elevated to Fun = Science

To be able to do it, to explain it to you, I need you to dream for a moment with me, I want you to see a room, white, infinite, that the end is not seen and in the middle of this room, on the floor, two children, 7 and 11 years old, their names, Curiosity, and Imagination and I give this example, because I believe that everyone, especially when we are children, we have great potential to use our imagination, and from our nature as rational beings arises great and wonderful curiosity. 👁 🗨

Children looking out the window of imagination, the universe, space and time
Representation of curiosity and imagination looking through an infinite window from the room of thought

Together these two children, with that great potential begin to discover what life is, and the room, previously infinite and white, begins little by little to fill with photons, lights, waves, colors, shapes, heat, cold, night ...

I personally believe that, as children, we are not really taught what science is. We learn history 😴, mathematics😯, social🙄 sciences, natural🙈 sciences, physics, chemistry... memorize, memorize 😥... and as many of us grow up, we stop seeing and feeling science because it stops being fun, we are taught that it is better to memorize than to understand. An example is a periodic table, the elements that compose it, ordered by their atomic numbers.

And if instead of doing this, you give an "element" to a child, to an adult to anyone, in this case, an example would be the family of metals, gallium (Ga), which can become liquid (only the heat of your hands 🤨), what do you think can shoot in your mind? Maybe curious? Maybe interest? imagination? 🚀

LED photon under oil drop surface
photon illustration

I was one of those children who lost, part of the curiosity, to know, to discover, to investigate, but... that thanks to teachers, physicists, science communicators, thanks to them, I want to tell you, to explain to you, that science is fun 🤩, accompany me to a world of history, technology, biology, relativity, quantum, speeds higher than light, space/time, imagination and curiosity, which begins here and now, today, at this very moment, with you and me, and best of all, in a fun 😁 way

And now... What do you think if we answer the first question? 🧐

Human of the future killed on tracks

Will humanity survive?

This past year we have also had, pleasant news, "not everything is COVID", perhaps out of mere necessity, but you will agree with me that the "fashion" is Mars and the Moon. Yes, space 🚀🤗 travel

What more expensive fashion, right?

Amal/Hope --------United Arab Emirates.

Tianwen 1 ---------China

Perseverance ------ United States.

In another article, we will talk about these ships, their need, and objectives, but now I want you to only look, that it is not an isolated element of a single country, but on the contrary, it is known that this year, China will begin to launch into space the first pieces for the assembly of its space 🛰 station

NASA also this year wants to launch another mission, to probe the lunar lava tunnel and together with the European Space Agency will look for a way to change the trajectory of a celestial body, from NASA will also begin this year the first experiments of the Artemis project, which aim to return to the moon by 2024, where they will finally send to the moon, for the first time, a woman and a man 👨 🚀👩 🚀

Russia for its part, together with China seek to build a space station on the moon that will be a direct rival of the program, "so that it sounds like you" Gateway, to build a lunar base, Russia invites any other country that wants to join them.

If they joined forces instead of competing with each other, I mean the countries, we would advance years in the conquest and colonization of other planets. 🪐

I know, you ask yourself, what does all this have to do with the survival of the human being? Two words:

Stephen Hawking

Wall mural by Stephen Hawking

He was a theoretical physicist, astrophysicist, cosmologist, scientific popularizer, father, husband, and above all person, he died on March 14, 2018.

As a popularizer, he was widely heard, even by people outside of science, the answer to the first question, will humanity survive? the one has it, with 4 warnings about the dangers that threaten the human race.

Intelligent 🤖 machines, the development of a complete AI (artificial intelligence) could mean the end of the human race, this was his opinion, perhaps it reminds us of some famous science fiction movie, but he thinks that science is also imagination.

Global 🌞 warming, this, for him, was one of the great threats to life on the planet.

Extraterrestrial contact 👽, he thought that contacting aliens would be a disaster, for the simple fact that, for us, it would be a great disadvantage, especially if they wanted to steal our resources, the reason is simple, they could be more technologically advanced than us.

Leaving the earth 🌏, Hawking, is worried, finally, that we would place all our hope of survival on Earth, we are running out of space, he said, for the sake of humanity he asked the world powers to support space missions, "establishing permanent colonies on other planets such as Mars is fundamental for the survival of humanity, Stephen said."

If I know, you have realized, knowing these warnings of Hawking, it is better explained, "the fashion" of making space trips and is that having colonies on the nearest planets and satellites would suppose the world and countries a great economic advantage, we put Mars as an example is the perfect springboard to jump from there to Titan, Saturn's moon and continue the colonization of the stars.

Survive... perhaps, our need for science, to expand, is not immediate, because it does not touch us, directly at least, but I ask you ... what if it did?

What if science can restore sight to a loved one? What if science could make you walk again? if science would give our children a safe way to live... If science cured cancer, it would give us new homes... a new way of uniting, to all for a common good, not of a few but of a whole world. Allow me to tell you and make you curious about science 🕵️ ♀️, that you can imagine 💭, because from there precisely, from your mind, our survival 🦹 ♂️ can depend on

Man looking at the horizon

Our survival... depends on our ability to daydream 🤯

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